Dog Cage

Product Code: SSDC 3H

Model 款Description 产品描述EXT.DIMENSION
外型尺寸 -
(L x W x H) (长x宽x高) (mm) (inches) -
内部尺寸 -
(L x W x H) (长x宽x高) (mm) (inches) -
Weight 重量
SSDC3H 3 x 2 x 3.3ftStainless Steel (3x2x3.3ft) Dog Cage High (small)
不锈钢 (3x2x3.3尺) 狗笼
970 x 660 x 1006
(38” x 26” x 39.6”)
910 x 610 x 770
(36” x 24” x 30.6”)
25 KG
SSDC3H-W (3x2x3.3ft)Stainless Steel (3x2x3.3ft) Dog Cage with caster wheels only
不锈钢 (3x2x3.3尺) 狗笼只加脚轮
29 KG
SSDC3H-D (3x2x3.3ft)Stainless Steel (3x2x3.3ft) Dog Cage with small door only
不锈钢 (3x2x3.3尺) 狗笼只加小门
26 KG
SSDC3H-WD (3x2x3.3ft)Stainless Steel (3x2x3.3ft) Dog Cage with Caster Wheel & small door
不锈钢 (3x2x3.3尺) 狗笼加脚轮及小门
30 KG

Note :
– Ext.Dimension includes roof and stands.
– Int.Dimension covers only space for dog movement.
– Fully welded means the cage is fully built and cannot be knock down.

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