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Actionable Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Your Auto Gate

An auto gate is an excellent investment for your home or business, giving plenty of benefits and minimal drawbacks. We highly recommend having a well-maintained auto gate to enhance your property by creating controlled access. Also, it can increase property value while providing a stylish fixture at your compound. So, how do you ensure the long-lived performance of your auto gate?

As auto gate repair specialists, Berjaya offers valuable insight on how to enhance the overall efficiency of your auto gate after it has been installed. Consequently, you can expect more bang for your buck with your auto gate system. In order to assist auto gate owners in achieving better efficiency and performance, we present details about actionable steps to take care of your gate.

Keep it Well Lubricated
We recommend that you lubricate parts on your auto gate every five months, or even more frequently if you can. Just like any other machinery with moving parts, an auto gate needs frequent lubrication to keep it properly running. A well-lubricated auto gate is likely to open and close with optimal efficiency.

Also, regular lubrication reduces wear and tear, thus less maintenance, besides also enhancing its long-lasting performance. In this regard, keeping your auto gate lubricated is a simple bit of maintenance that ultimately can make a big difference.

So, what parts should you focus on? The focus areas should be hinges, pully and screws. A drop or two of quality lubricant every months can keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Berjaya has a variety of products to ensure your auto gate is adequately lubricated.

High-Speed Motor
High speed motors are incredibly useful in case your gate takes too long to open or close. The device can significantly enhance the efficiency of your auto gate. A high-speed motor means more security for your property, as the longer the auto gate takes to open or close, the more exposed the property becomes.

Regular maintenance
Auto gates require regular maintenance for long-lasting performance and efficiency. We highly recommend that repair, servicing and maintenance of auto gates are done by experienced professionals with the right training. Is your gate having problems? Use of quality spare parts, familiarity with the auto gate system, suitable tools and response speed, these are the fundamental factors that will return the auto gate to normal functioning.

Auto gate repair services in Petaling Jaya
Over the years, Petaling Jaya has vastly developed into one of the most significant commercial hubs in Klang Valley . It’s a vibrant satellite town consisting of numerous commercial, residential and business districts. At Berjaya Gate, we are the auto gate repair specialists that value your security and privacy of your home or business premises in the region. We are committed to providing auto gate repair solutions for diverse clients in Petaling Jaya and beyond.

Your auto gate having problems? The last thing you want to deal with after a long day is to come home to an auto gate that doesn’t close or open. Our auto gate repair company is always available for your rescue. Berjaya has mobile service units that will come to your location in Petaling Jaya and its environs. Our company is a formidable player in the industry, providing local, affordable, customized auto gate repair services.

Our team of trusted experts has served the community for many years. We believe your residential or commercial security auto gates is our business. You can always expect customized automatic gate solutions and valuable advice regarding your gate repair and maintenance needs. Let us know if you have any queries, concerns or special requests regarding our services.

BERJAYA, Klang Valley Autogate Repair Specialist (精通于维修电动门,在巴生谷一带 )

We cover the following areas :-  (我们的服务包括以下地区)

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Kepong 
  • Subang Jaya
  • Seri Kembangan 
  • Shah Alam
  • Klang 
  • Kajang
  • Ampang
  • Putrajaya
  • Petaling Jaya
  • Bangi
  • Puchong
  • Cyberjaya


Are you facing one of the following operation problems of your autogate? (您的电动门,有面对一下操作问题吗?)

1.      用 “remote control” 或 “push button”,都不能开。
Can not open at all, either by “remote control” or “push button”.

2.      可以开或关,但半途中会停止。
Can open or close byt stop halfway.

3.      只有其中一边能开或关。
Can only open or close on one side.

4.      电动门无缘无故自己开。
Gate just open bu itself.

5.      电动门开得比平时慢。
Gate open slowly.

6.     电动门开得很不顺畅。
Gate opens jerkily.

7.      Motor 很吵。
Motor is very noisy.

8.      Rollers经常脱轨。
Rollers always off track.

9.      Bearing 很吵。
Bearing noisy.



Caution 注意


 If you are facing gate cannot be opened at all, either by “remote control” or “push button”, please check your house ELCB. Make sure all the “tripped switches” are on. If still fail, call us.

如果您面对电动门用 ”remote control“ 或 ”push button“ 都不能开,请您先检查家里的电控箱(ELCB),确保所有的”tripped swithces“ 有被 “on回” 。如全部都 “on” 但还是不能操作,请联络我们。




Why choose BERJAYA (为什么选择我们?)

1.      从1996年开始,我们已拥有二十多年维修电动门经验。
We have more than 20 years experiences at autogate repair, starting from years 1996.

2.      我们只更换以及合理收费损坏或无功能的零件。
We only change and replace the spoiled or non-functional parts only.

3.      请现在就打电话或 WhatsApp 给我们。
Call us or Whatsapp now.




  • 以不同的角度,拍三张相片或拍摄视频。
    Take 3 photos with differents angles or take a video.
  • 描述您的问题。
    State your problems, as listed above.
  • Whatsapp给我们。
    Whatsapp to us.



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